Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Spring Photo Mix

Self Portrait in the Mirror In the Winter of 95
Pentax ME Super 35mm
Where did the Time Go?

                                  Easy Ripples

                      The Wonder of Clouds

                               Lone Duck at Dusk

                           650mm Moon Shot

                                 Lunch Begone

                                  Mimosa Flower


Spring Blooms

Lone Bud

What are you looking at?


Woods Berry

Bird in the Bush

From the Car Window

Desparate Rescue

Blue Jay

House Finch

Da Bigga Peppa

Daybreak Corpus Christi

Down By the River

New Born Anole

Cactus Flower

Under the Forest Canopy

Summer Dusk

Resting Dragon Fly

Brilliant Hibiscus

The Flying Trio

ISO 1600


Bird of Paradise Flower 35mm

The Old Cypress Stump

The Earth's Curve @10,000 Feet on Southwest

Like I Was Saying

Winter Foliage


Resident Squirrel "Harvey"

Here Lizard Lizard Lizard

The Burning Fingerboard

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Elusive Horned Toad Lizard

Chillin Out

Woods Buck


Storm Brewing

In the Murky River

Macro Watch

Crazy Full Moon


White Wing Dove

                        The Early Spring Forest

                                 Links in the Sand


Sedum Batch

Look Into My Eyes

Little Angel Eyes

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